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(see Info Flyers for more details)


Requirements to enter a HSC2 League:

    • Team Registration Form (incl Team Mgr info), unless registering online
    • Completed Team Roster Form (can add/drop thru Game 2), required (unless you are building your roster thru the Manager Options in Dash).
    • Player Waiver/Release for every Player on Roster, no exceptions!
    • All Leagues:  $100 Deposit (one CC payment per team online please), remaining balance due by 1st game (also one mailed check or online payment.  Note:  We now allow individual online payments by each Player on Your Team Roster Page, but would prefer a single payment for whole Team when possible - just saves trouble later if we only have one person to deal with, esp in cases of refunds).

      To Register, all Leagues/all Teams must Register ONLINE and submit Release Forms no later than 10 days prior to your league's Start Date.
      If your team cannot be placed in a league, you will receive a FULL refund.
      No Teams will be placed on a schedule until all forms & deposit are turned in.
      You can mail, e-mail, fax, or bring directly to the arena.  All required forms are available here on the website (Forms & Info link)!

  • PREMIER TEAM Restriction - Our Youth Leagues are RECREATIONAL.
    • "Premier" Players are those playing for a "Premier" Club (Lions, MSA, Indiana Elite, etc) who play on that Club's Top Team (in ISL Premier Div or higher).  2nd team Players and all 10 & younger Players are NOT considered "Premier" by our definition.
    • Youth Teams may roster Premier Players, but must indicate those players to the league and must play in their age group's highest division or "up" in older age group/division.
    • Premiere Teams may be accepted (League Coordinator discretion) based on:
      • League's needs.  Esp for girls, as there is always a shortage of girls indoor teams
      • Odd-aged teams may be allowed to play, as long as they play "up" in age.
    • This Restriction applies only to our Youth Leagues.  High School and above can have as many Premier Players as they want.  Also true of all tiers of Futsal Leagues.
  • Session 2 Note:  NEW TEAMS join WAITING LISTs & are added as room allows (Returning teams from Session 1 get priority).
    RETURNING TEAMS only need turn in their Deposit and e-mail their League Manager that they wish to return (Note any expected Roster Add/Drops). Any brand new players joining still need to turn in a Waiver before playing!
    Team Payments to be submitted as single payment (check or credit card preferred - no stack of checks/cash, please!)  If you register your team online, once players are added they can make payments toward your team thru Dash!

    >  Click "SCHEDULES & REGISTRATION" on Top Menu Bar
    >  LOGIN (if you don't have an Account, follow the prompts to create one, it's quick & easy)
    >  Click "REGISTRATION" on Top Right Menu
    >  Click on the name of the Player or Coach/Manager (Adults! Make sure YOU are selected as Manager, NOT your son/daughter)
    >  Click "TEAMS & LEAGUES"
    >  Click "REGISTER A TEAM"

    >  Click "SELECT" for the box that holds the Season/League you want to enter
    >  Scroll down and "SELECT" the Level in that League that you want to enter (New Youth & H.S. Teams can only enter on the Wait List)
    >  "Register New team"
         -  Enter your Team's Name
         -  Pay the Deposit (This is Required to proceed and is Half of your Total Team Fee.  Balance is due before your 1st Game)
         -  In COMMENTS, enter any Scheduling Requests or Placement Notes
                 .  New YOUTH Teams - also indicate your Team's AGE GROUP and suggested Level* (A/B/C)
                 .  New H.S. Teams - also indicate your Team's suggested Level* (A/B/C/D)

    >  Now, as Manager, you have the ability to make payments thru your Team Page and from there you can also INVITE Players (you'll need their e-mails)
  • Hallmark reserves the right to place teams in Divisions based upon prior results and Leagues' needs.
  • All Scheduling Requests must be submitted, in writing, no later than 7 days prior to your Season's Start Date!